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Walking Away From Amazon

Interesting how the kaleidoscopic patterns in publishing change. Since July, at least ten of my books have featured regularly in the top fifty in Australia, so Australia is becoming the home of my books. Maybe I will set a Sam Smith story there one day. Also, because Amazon doesn’t have the ability to publish books in numerous languages, and my aim is to publish books in a variety of languages, other retailers are becoming more important. For my paperbacks, Amazon are now irrelevant because Gardners are my main outlet. And the profits from paperback sales easily eclipse the profits from eBook sales. All this is good, methinks. I don’t think in terms of success, I think in terms of enjoyment. And the path I’m following now, away from focusing exclusively on Amazon and eBook sales, is certainly an enjoyable one 🙂


Cover reveal for the audiobook version of Saving Grace. The audiobook will be published in October and will be available from iBooks, etc.


Cover reveal for the audiobook version of Blackmail, Ann’s War Book Three. Blackmail will be published in November.


A satisfying weekend for my books with a huge boost in sales on Barnes and Noble, seven titles just outside the top 💯 in Italy, Sam’s Song at #4 in America, Boston a hot 💯 new release and Saving Grace a bestseller also in America. Furthermore, yesterday Sam’s Song was featured alongside Mary Poppins, Janet Evanovich and J.K. Rowling.

27433ACC-2B15-4391-8333-31D4CBBD8852Writing and publishing should be about fun and we had great fun this afternoon recording a video for a leading book promoter. I was chief script writer, autocue operator and camera person while Daniela Jones provided the onscreen talent. The video is with the promoter now and it’s up to him how he will use it, but I hope I can share it with you soon. This video is part of a package that will transform book promoting. Some promoters are elitist and don’t give everyone a fair chance, but soon that will change. The target audience is two million readers. Exciting, I’m sure you will agree.

B321445C-E5E2-4A10-BA1D-AE92DB86C05FMy latest article for the Seaside News.






Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Sunday Supplement

Sam’s Sunday Supplement #9

Welcome to Sam’s Sunday Supplement #9, a weekly digest of news from Sam’s world.

Last weekend Sam’s Song reached #1 on the private investigators chart, the third time in nine months that the book has reached #1. Once again, many thanks to everyone who has read Sam’s Song.


I am storyboarding a mini series of five novellas set in 1944-5. The series will feature five mysteries with an overall story arc for the main characters. The timeframe includes the D-Day landings, the Welsh Great Escape when 67, 70 or 84 – depending on your sources – German POWs escaped from Island Farm POW camp in Bridgend, and the Victory in Europe celebrations. Pictured, Field Marshall von Runstedt, General Blumentritt, General Heinrici and Field Marshall von Kleist arriving at Bridgend Railway Station en route to Island Farm after attending the Nuremburg war crimes trials.


Here is a sneak preview of the cover for A Parcel of Rogues, book thirteen in the Sam Smith Mystery Series. This story will centre around a murder investigation. I have a new cover designer and I’m delighted with the covers. Indeed, this cover actually suggested a plotline for the book, which is why I like to have my covers in place before I write.


In Digging in the Dirt, book twelve in the series, Sam and another character discuss the poems of Dylan Thomas, including this one, Fern Hill, read majestically here by Richard Burton.
One of my hobbies is genealogy and I’ve traced my family tree back to the mid 1600s. So far, I have not come across any Scottish ancestors or bike manufacturers. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share this lovely picture with you.


As ever, thank you for your interest and support. More news next week.