Daniel Morgan

Victorian Daniel's Office

Daniel Morgan, a lawyer and Grace’s advocate in Saving Grace, works from an office in Butetown, Cardiff, pictured in the background. This is a lithograph of the West Dock and Dock Chambers, c1890.


It’s wonderful when your imagination and research overlap. In my mind’s eye I saw Daniel Morgan, Grace’s advocate in Saving Grace, as Byronic in appearance. During my research I read that the real-life advocate Daniel is based on was also described as ‘Byronic in his handsomeness’. I think only a romantic would choose to speak up for Grace. In contrast, his rival advocate (in real-life and my book) had a weak chin, an unkempt moustache and he wore a monocle.


Saving Grace starts in Daniel Morgan’s office, pictured here overlooking Cardiff Docks.


Daniel Morgan, the advocate in Saving Grace, is fictional. However, his legal career is loosely based on William Garrow, a barrister who is known today for his indirect reform of the advocacy system. Garrow introduced the adversarial court system, which is used in modern courts. He also introduced the phrase ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’ placing the burden on accusers to test their evidence in court.

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