Pearl Witherington SOE Reports 7

12.8.1944. Major Mackenzie informed Mrs Witherington of Pearl’s promotion and added, “She is in very good health and is certainly doing most excellent work.” The Nazis were in retreat. Pearl, and everyone else, could sense freedom for France.

30.8.1944. Since June, Pearl had been leading her network and the local Marquis. She displayed outstanding powers of leadership and organising ability. Furthermore, she and her group acquitted themselves with distinction.

30.8.1944. The SOE recognised Pearl’s efforts and approved her promotion to Flight Officer.

23.9.1944. Confirmation that since D-Day, Pearl has been leading 3,000 men in her Marquis Region. The Nazis were in retreat, but the fight was ongoing.

September 1944. Alongside organising her network and leading her local group of 3,000 Marquis, Pearl found time to record detailed accounts of her spending in France. Indeed, her accounts were the most detailed of any SOE agent and ran to several pages. Here’s an example.

9.10.1944. Along with fellow agent Sonya Butt, with her mission successful, Pearl was on her way home. However, she lacked civilian clothes. This memo urgently requested the delivery of eighty coupons.