Welcome to Hannah Howe’s website. Hannah is the bestselling author of the Sam Smith Mystery Series. Sam’s Song, book one in the series, has reached number one on the Amazon.com private detective chart on six separate occasions, plus the number one position in Australia. Furthermore, the Sam Smith Mystery Series has graced the top twenties in ten other countries. Hannah’s Ann’s War Mystery Series has graced the top five of the historical mysteries chart in America, Australia (#1), Britain and Canada.

“If you like psychological detective stories with a touch of humour and romance, you will love Sam Smith.”


Hi, my name is Hannah Howe and I write the Sam Smith Mystery Series. My books are published by Goylake Publishing and are available in print, as eBooks and as audio books. Reflecting my background, the Sam Smith books contain a mixture of mystery, psychology, humour and romance. Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy the content.

The Sam Smith Mystery Series is a character-driven series about Samantha Smith, a woman overcoming the effects of childhood trauma and an abusive ex-husband while trying to make a living as a private detective. The series explores a number of adult themes, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, drug addiction, racism and alcoholism.

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Latest News

Currently, I am writing Boston, book fourteen in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, and researching material for books fifteen and sixteen. I am also researching material for, and writing, Ann’s War a mini-series of mysteries set in 1944-5, and Saving Grace, a Victorian mystery based on a true story. Saving Grace will be published as a paperback, eBook and audio book on 1st July 2018.

Many thanks to everyone who has entered Sam’s world. As you know, Sam rarely has an easy ride, but along the way I hope that we entertain you, occasionally amuse you and demonstrate that through good people and good intentions it is possible to make the world a better place. In essence, that is what the series is all about: a person enters Sam’s life with a problem and together they seek a solution. I write from life and seek to tackle some sensitive issues while remaining true to my favourite genre, the private detective novel.

With Sam, Ann, Grace and many other projects in the pipeline this is the most exciting phase of my writing and publishing career to date. In addition, I have formed partnerships with the Seaside News, BetterHelp, audio book producers and translators. My thanks go to all of them and, of course, to you, my readers.

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