Pearl Witherington SOE Reports 6

Throughout Pearl’s time in France, the SOE were in constant contact with her mother, usually through Vera Atkins or Captain Bisset. Most of this correspondence centred on Pearl’s £9 monthly allowance to her mother, which was desperately needed at times. Mrs Witherington was also keen to receive news of Pearl and when she did she expressed her joy, as in this letter “To know that she is happy, well, liking her work so much. She is a brave and good girl. I am so very proud of her.”

On 26.4.1944, as Marie, Pearl wrote to Vera Atkins. She said, “We are all okay here and kicking like mad. I get a bit hot around the collar now and again, but I must say I’d far sooner be here than sitting in an office.”

26.4.1944. Pearl, as Marie, was concerned about nine airmen who were in hiding for several months. She supplied them with money, but felt the SOE should do more to help them escape.

30.5.1944. A week before D-Day, in her letter to Vera Atkins, Mrs Witherington noted that, “War news is so splendid it gives one to hoping it will all soon be over.”

4.7.1944. Pearl received a well deserved promotion.

Pearl receives an outstanding report from the SOE with the recommendation that she should receive the George Medal.