Eve Beringar Background

This page provides background for Eve Beringar, narrator of Eve’s War, before she joined the Special Operations Executive.

1912, Eve born in Wales, the youngest of six children

1918, her father killed during the First World War

1920, a tomboy, often in trouble at school, a fractious relationship with her mother

1923, taking solace in books, especially Anne of Green Gables, identifying with the orphan, Anne

1928, aged sixteen Eve ran away from home

1928, a job nursing, frequenting pubs, flirting with older men

1930, modelling herself on Tallulah Bankhead a woman famous for her husky voice, outrageous personality, and devastating wit

1930, a gift of £200 from an eccentric aunt

1931, fulling her ambition of travelling to America, hitting the popular nightclubs

1931, with her money running out, Eve enrolled in a journalism course

1932, with her sharp wit and confident exterior, Eve secured a job as a journalist

1934, Eve posted to Paris as a European correspondent

1935, Eve witnessed first-hand the rise of fascism in Germany fuelling her anti-fascist beliefs

1938, a trusted correspondent, and a popular partygoer at the fashionable parties in Paris and the French Riviera

1938, Eve met playboy and successful industrialist Michel Beringar at a party in Michel’s home city, Marseille

1939, with war looming, Eve married Michel and settled in Marseille as a housewife

1940, the Nazis invaded France

1941, through Michel’s business contacts, Eve became involved with the French Resistance acting as a courier, delivering messages

1942, Eve helped to establish an escape line for vulnerable French people and British airmen shot down over France, the escape line taking them over the Pyrénées into Spain

1942, the Gestapo took a keen interest in Eve

1942, the French Resistance asked Eve to help a British agent, Zigzag, to escape from a Gestapo prison and France

1942, Operation Zigzag