Florrie Williams

Victorian Maid

Florrie Williams was Grace Petrie’s maid. She was the first on the scene when Charles Petrie was poisoned and a key witness at the inquest. Meanwhile, here is a maid’s typical day.

5.30 am Clean the kitchen floors

6.00 am Hot water

6.30 am Wake seniors, lay and light fires, lay servants’ breakfast, deliver nursery breakfast

7.30 am Water and tea-trays to family, empty chamber-pots

7.45 am Servants’ breakfast

9.00 am Family breakfast

9.30 am Clear and clean

12 noon Servants’ lunch, nursery lunch

1.00 pm Family lunch

2.30 pm Clear lunch, rest

4.30 pm Tea-trays for household

5.30 pm Servants’ tea, nursery tea

6.00 pm Lay dinner, help in kitchen

7.00 pm Family dinner, serve and clear

9.00 pm Servants’ supper

10.00 pm Bed

Wages in 1881, £20-25 per annum

Picture: a maid with her fellow servants and a guest, enjoying a tea and cake break.