Pearl Witherington SOE Reports 8

17.10.1944. Details of the clothing allowance granted to Pearl, £20, and fellow SOE agent Yvonne Cormeau. Pearl’s items are not recorded, but Yvonne received a cap, stockings and buttons.

24.10.1944. Pearl is home and about to marry Henri. However, a SOE request for £7 10s 0d as a wedding present was rejected.

The marriage index for Pearl and Henri. The officials misspelled Henri’s name on this form. Incidentally, in 1946 Pearl was listed at her London address as Witherington, not Cornioley, although she and Henri remained together for the rest of their lives.

7.11.1944. The wedding gift was rejected, but due to Pearl’s leadership skills, extreme devotion and colossal bravery she was awarded a bonus of £50.

18.11.1944. Upon her return to Britain, the SOE debriefed Pearl. Here is page one of an extensive report.

22.11.1944. The Allies have liberated France, the Nazis are in retreat, but Pearl’s war is far from over. Although recently married, she receives new orders, a mission in Paris.

23.11.1944. Pearl delivered a detailed report of her time in France as an SOE agent. Here is page one.