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Newsletter Extract

An extract from the first Sam Smith Newsletter. The Newsletter will be published, free, in early November and you can reserve your copy by following this link.

Sam Smith Characters #1

Dr Alan Storey

Dr Alan Storey provides the relationship strand to the Sam Smith Mystery Series. Alan is a psychologist who practices Humanistic principles, that is a belief in the positive attributes of happiness, contentment, ecstasy, kindness, caring, sharing and generosity. Humanists focus on the individual, especially the concept of personal choice.

Humanistic Psychology developed in the 1960s and it differs from other branches of psychology in that the psychologist acts as a confident or counsellor and the client (not ‘patient’) must consciously and rationally decide for themselves what is wrong and how the problem should be addressed.

In his early forties, Alan is a widower with a teenage daughter, Alis. As well as the romantic element, Alan also provides psychological insight, when required, on the various people Sam encounters. Although there is a ‘whodunit’ element to the series, I like to focus more on people’s behaviours and reasons for their actions.

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Cardiff Music Wales

Ar Lan y Môr

While searching for an item on YouTube, I stumbled across this lovely version of Ar Lan y Môr by Elin Fflur.

Ar lan y môr mae rhosys chochion
Ar lan y môr mae lilis gwynion
Ar lan y môr mae ‘nghariad inne
Yn cysgu’r nos a chodi’r bore.

Ar lan y môr mae carreg wastad
Lle bum yn siarad gair âm cariad
O amgylch hon fe dyf y lili
Ac ambell gan gen o rosmari.

Ar lan y môr mae cerrig gleision
Ar lan y môr mae blodau’r meibion
Ar lan y môr mae pob rhinweddau.

Ar lan y môr mae’n nghariad innau.

Ar lan y môr, Ar lan y môr . . .
Ar lan y môr mae’n nghariad innau.

Beside the sea red roses growing
Beside the sea white lilies showing
Beside the sea their beauty telling
My true love sleeps within her dwelling

Beside the sea the stones lie scattered
Where tender words in love were uttered
While all around there grew the lily
And sweet branches of rosemary

Beside the sea blue pebbles lying
Beside the sea gold flowers glowing
Beside the sea are all things fairest
Beside the sea I found my dearest

Beside the sea…Beside the sea…
Beside the sea I found my dearest


Cardiff City’s F.A. Cup Triumph

Today, 23rd April, sees the anniversary of Cardiff City’s historic victory over Arsenal in the 1927 F.A. Cup Final.




When the Titanic sank in April 1912 two Cardiff boxers were among its victims. The boxers, Leslie Williams and Dai Bowen, had been recruited to box on the American boxing circuit, earning £5 a week and a bonus for winning their fights. The boxers should have sailed on the Baltic, but transferred to the Titanic because of that vessel’s superior speed and facilities.

Cardiff Sam Smith Mystery Series

Penarth Pier

Cardiff Paddle Steamers, c1895

13.4.1895 saw the official opening of Penarth Pier. Three paddle steamers per hour ran from Cardiff Docks, pictured, to Penarth Pier and further afield to the West Country, transporting hundreds of passengers.