Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #18

2nd June 2008


Angus asked me to do him a favour today, serve a bankruptcy notice – not a pleasant task. However, I agreed and drove to the address on the envelope.

I required a signature for the bankruptcy notice so I steeled myself to walk up the long path of a well appointed four bedroomed house, knock on the door and serve the notice. Only, there was a problem – a ‘beware of the dog’ sign on the gate. Now, I have a silver tongue and I reckon that I can talk my way out of most predicaments, but I do not speak dog, so I was cautious as I approached the gate. My caution gave way to mild panic when I caught sight of the dog itself – a snarling Rottweiler, left free to roam the garden. What to do? I retreated to my car to think.

Thankfully, the owner soon allowed the dog inside the house and, after a pause to gather my courage, I tip-toed up the path and rang the doorbell. The dog barked and I could hear the man growl at the animal. Then silence as he opened the door.

I served the bankruptcy notice and offered a few words of condolence. Big mistake. The man took my words completely the wrong way – he became verbally aggressive, then threatened violence. Although I sympathized with his predicament, I was not going to stand around and take a beating. So I turned my back on him and walked towards the gate. That incensed him further and he ran after me. Shifting into top gear I raced down the path and hurdled the garden wall. It’s a good thing I’m naturally athletic and keep in shape or I’d be nursing another set of bruises tonight. I did learn a valuable lesson though – when serving papers I must keep my emotions to myself; I must get the job done and not take other people’s problems to heart.

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