Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #12

24th March 2008


This morning, I phoned Angus Read and told him that I’d be delighted to accept his proposal, that I needed to work a week’s notice for the secretarial agency then I would be happy to join him. He sounded as pleased as me and we agreed that I would start work at the Angus Read Enquiry Agency in a week’s time. Then I picked up the phone and spoke to Dan…

I told him my decision, though I didn’t mention my job with Angus. Before I could complete my explanation, Dan went into a rage. He hurled every abusive word you can think of at me. Upset, I put the phone down. He phoned back with another tirade of abuse. I switched off my phone. Then, half an hour later, he arrived on my doorstep. He made a hell of a racket, but I refused to let him in. He must have disturbed one of the neighbours because someone phoned the police. When the police arrived, Dan departed and everything went quiet. I sense that once Dan learns of my new job he will try to jeopardise my chances. I want this job badly and I think I’ll be good at it. I’m not frightened of hard work, have the necessary office skills and a good mind when it comes to working with people and their problems. Heaven knows, I’ve had enough practice trying to sort out my own. I need to put Dan in his place and ensure that he doesn’t disrupt my new, potential, career. But how? I need to think and come up with a strategy.

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