Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #11

23rd March 2008


Seven days and no word from Dan. He’s given me a week to gather my thoughts and I respect him for that. As I’ve said, he is not an evil man and in the loneliness of my little flat I’ve been wondering if we could make it work, if we could reach a level of understanding and develop a sense of harmony between us. I was wavering, about to phone Dan and tell him that I’d give it one more try, when my phone rang and Angus Read, the private detective, said he’d like to see me. So, I postponed phoning Dan and called in to see Angus Read.

In Angus’ office we chatted about how I was doing, my general goals in life along with other chitchat. Then, out of the blue, he offered me a job. He asked if I’d like to become his secretary-assistant. To begin with, my duties would be office-based, but as I learned the ropes, there would be opportunities for field work. I was staggered that he considered me suitable and very flattered. Then I thought of Dan and his reaction and I knew that he wouldn’t be pleased. The job offered a challenge, a chance of personal development, and he wouldn’t like that. I asked Angus if I could have twenty-four hours to think over his proposal and he said of course I could.

I left Angus’ office with a spring in my step, in the knowledge that this was an opportunity too good to miss and that, finally, I would have to cut my ties with Dan.

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