Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #13

26th March 2008


This morning, I bought myself a new outfit in preparation for my new job. I bought a black waistcoat with a matching pencil skirt and a three-quarter sleeve red blouse. I want to create a good impression from the start. I want to make a success of this job and carve out a meaningful career. I can’t wait to get started!

Later, and with some trepidation, I phoned Dan to arrange a meeting in the local park. To my surprise, he sounded calm and relaxed. He said ‘don’t bother’. He added that he didn’t want to see me again and that I was nothing more than a cheap slut anyway. I know that I shoudn’t take them to heart, but his words do hurt me. I put down the phone with suspicion clouding my thoughts.

In the afternoon, I sneaked over to Dan’s place and, from the shadows, watched as a delivery van arrived packed with Tina’s gear. Obviously, they had patched up their differences and she was moving in with him. At least that explained Dan’s attitude towards me. I have to admit, it hurt to think that he could ditch me so casually and take up with someone else. Clearly he doesn’t care about me at all. I wonder if Tina knows what she’s letting herself in for. I was tempted to warn her, but thought it best not to interfere. Dan’s moods change like the weather so there is a chance that he will be back, hounding me. But in the meantime I should have some respite, maybe enough time to establish myself at Angus Read’s agency and display to him that his faith in me has been well placed.

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