Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #6

2nd March 2008


I met Angus Read, the private investigator, at Fry, Gouldman and Fletcher, Solicitors. There, Angus introduced me to Mr Fry, a large man with a jovial countenance. He looked like a cross between your favourite uncle and a benevolent character from the pages of Dickens. He even offered me a glass of sherry, which I declined.

We got down to business and I showed Manny Fry the evidence I’d gathered of Dan’s affair with Tina Mahoney. The evidence consisted of photographs, shop receipts, bank statements and telephone bills that all pointed to Dan showering his affection on Tina. Several times during our conversation Angus and Manny said that they were impressed with my ‘professionalism’. I take pride in my work, even if it’s only typing a letter, and I have to confess their praise did make me smile. I walked out of Manny Fry’s office feeling taller than my modest five foot five.  Before I left Manny’s office he concluded that I had gathered enough evidence to instigate divorce proceedings. He said the next step was up to me and I told him to go ahead. All hell will break loose when Dan learns of the divorce, and I have to admit I am fearful about his reaction. Ironically, one of the tasks Angus carries out for Manny is serving divorce papers.

The future is full of uncertainties with the prospect of finding a new job and a new home – I’ve decided that I will move out, rather than make Dan leave. If I confront him about moving out, that will lead to a battle and while I’m slowly gaining in strength, self-belief and confidence, I’m not ready to face him head-on, yet.

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