Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #5

18th February 2008


Dan went out this afternoon wearing his best jacket and a new pair of trousers. His journalism is suffering because of the booze so we’re living on my money, as we have done for most of our marriage. He walked out of the house without saying a word. I gave him a moment then I slipped into my new coat, pulled a silly, floppy hat over my head, placed my camera in a carrier bag and set off in casual pursuit.

After two minutes of walking I knew where Dan was heading – the Crown. He entered the pub without glancing over his shoulder and I stood for awhile in the rain while he drank his whisky, his favourite ‘poison’. I felt sad as I stood in the rain, sad that my life had reached this point. I considered forgetting about the whole enterprise and walking home. Then I reminded myself of the past four years and Dan’s aggression. I had to see this through and bring this misery to an end.

After forty minutes Dan emerged with a buxom bottle-blonde, Tina, the barmaid. I knew her to say ‘hello’ to, but nothing more. In the pub car park Dan leaned towards Tina and kissed her. In the hedgerow, I cursed myself for not having my camera ready.

In the event, they were so wrapped up in each other that I could have followed them on an elephant and they wouldn’t have noticed. They walked through a park where they paused for a kiss and a grope. Click! Then they went into the shopping centre, a jewellers. After ten minutes Tina emerged with a gold bracelet on her wrist, bought with my money. She turned to Dan and smiled longingly. Then she gave him a big, smoochy kiss. Click!

From there, they walked to Tina’s flat. While she fumbled for her door key, Dan fumbled under her dress. Click! I felt a bit grubby, taking these photographs, but reminded myself that Angus said I didn’t need anything explicit – the implication that Dan was having an affair should be enough.

With Dan and Tina in her flat, I walked to Angus’ office and told him about my afternoon. He was very impressed with me and said that I’d made a promising start. He recommended a solicitor, Manny Fry of Fry, Gouldman and Fletcher, and arranged an appointment with him. Meanwhile, Angus would discretely interview people close to Dan and Tina to gather more evidence of the affair. He advised me to be on the lookout for any additional evidence – I should check Tina’s rubbish bag to see if I could find any sexual evidence of the affair, a task I decided to postpone. I should search Dan’s pockets and wallet for telephone numbers and shop receipts. Also, check my bank statements for gifts Dan had bought Tina.

I did most of the above. I am on my way, there is no turning back now.

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