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January has been a great month for the Sam Smith Mystery Series. During January, Sam’s Song reached #1 on the private detective chart and the top twenty (mysteries) in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Many thanks to everyone who has read one of my books. And a reminder that the series continues with the publication of Stardust on March 1st and Mind Games in the summer.


Hannah's Diary Sam Smith Mystery Series

Sins of the Father – Pre-Order

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Published later this summer, available for pre-order now at the special price of £0.99/$0.99

For the first thirty-three years of my life I had no knowledge of my father. No idea what he looked like, his name, whether he was dead or alive. Then fate brought us together. Then, a year later, he decided to hire me.

Although we had talked for a year, my father was still Gawain Morgan to me, a stranger, not my dad. Would the task of locating Frankie Quinn bring us closer together, or drive us further apart?

Frankie Quinn was a con-man, a life-long villain, a member of my father’s old gang. That’s right, my father was a villain too, with dodgy contacts, a shady past and sins he preferred to forget. The police wanted Frankie and, if arrested, he faced the prospect of spending his final years in prison. However, he had a trump card, evidence of my father’s indiscretions. Frankie was looking to cut a deal with the police, my father was looking for Frankie. They knew that one of them would spend the winter of their days in prison; which would it be?

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking towards my wedding day. Would I enjoy the happiest day of my life, or be left crying into my champagne?

Sins of the Father, ten days that defined my relationship with my dad.

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Hannah's Diary Sam Smith Mystery Series

Amazon Rankings


It has been an amazing week for the Sam Smith Mystery Series and here are the current rankings taken from Amazon’s Private Investigators chart.

Sam’s Song #12

Love and Bullets #86

The Big Chill #145

Ripper #148

The Hermit of Hisarya #158

Secrets and Lies #144

Family Honour equal #144

Thanks for your support!

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