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This week I made a start on a new Sam Smith novel, Smoke and Mirrors, book nine in the series. This book has a dramatic start and the plot is more labyrinth than some of the earlier novels. When you write a series you want to add variety around the familiarity of the central characters, which is why I try to change the locations occasionally and the tone of the stories, while remaining true to the original concept.


My routine usually consists of writing a chapter a day and editing the previous day’s chapter. Therefore, each day represents a complete chapter. Another round of editing and proofreading take place before the book is ready, but I try to alter as little as possible for the simple reason that these are Sam’s stories, she is the narrator and the words represent her actions and thoughts.

Sam Smith Mystery Series

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Family Honour is featured today in New in Books, alongside Sue Grafton, Janet Evanovich and Mary Higgins Clark 😃

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Hannah's Diary Sam Smith Mystery Series

Sins of the Father – Pre-Order

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Published later this summer, available for pre-order now at the special price of £0.99/$0.99

For the first thirty-three years of my life I had no knowledge of my father. No idea what he looked like, his name, whether he was dead or alive. Then fate brought us together. Then, a year later, he decided to hire me.

Although we had talked for a year, my father was still Gawain Morgan to me, a stranger, not my dad. Would the task of locating Frankie Quinn bring us closer together, or drive us further apart?

Frankie Quinn was a con-man, a life-long villain, a member of my father’s old gang. That’s right, my father was a villain too, with dodgy contacts, a shady past and sins he preferred to forget. The police wanted Frankie and, if arrested, he faced the prospect of spending his final years in prison. However, he had a trump card, evidence of my father’s indiscretions. Frankie was looking to cut a deal with the police, my father was looking for Frankie. They knew that one of them would spend the winter of their days in prison; which would it be?

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking towards my wedding day. Would I enjoy the happiest day of my life, or be left crying into my champagne?

Sins of the Father, ten days that defined my relationship with my dad.

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Sam Smith Mystery Series

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Special Offer!

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Sam Smith Mystery Series

Sam’s Song Five Star Review

Another wonderful five star review for Sam’s Song on Amazon

And a reminder that the book is currently available free from all major Internet outlets including Amazon


Sam is a Heroine I Couldn’t Help But Love!

Sam Smith is a detective with problems. Her office is run down, her caseload is barely paying the bills, and she is haunted by memories of a childhood with an alcoholic mother. All these issues are minor, in my opinion, to her struggles to escape her ex-husband, who is both physically and emotionally abusive. This jerk is the devil incarnate. I couldn’t have stood him for one day and as I read the story I was holding my breath as I waited for Sam to stand up to him and give him his due.

About the only good thing Sam had in her life was her cat.

Then one day Milton walks into her office door with his cane and his fedora. It turns out he is the manager of a multi-million dollar pop star and he wants Sam to find out who is stalking his client. The job pays so well Sam can’t turn it down. Little does Sam know she will soon be risking her life as she delves into a twisting tale of drugs, sex, and murder.

Sam is the kind of non-assuming heroine that I couldn’t help but love. She’s pretty but she doesn’t realize it. She’s smart, but she second-guesses herself when it comes to her ex-husband. She’s brave, but sometimes too brave, and she ends up in some hair-raising situations. Thankfully, she can fire a gun like a sharp-shooter.

This story pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. I never saw the twists and turns in the plot coming, and by the satisfying ending I was happily adding this author to my short list of writers to watch. Bravo!  – Terri Lyndie