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Snow and Sales

This week saw a record-breaking mid-week sales day for my books. The Big Chill topped my personal chart, maybe because of the snow that fell recently.  Incidently, in this picture the book under The Big Chill was written by Howard Marks who hails from the village next door to me. I’m also pleased to report that Mariel is making good progress with the translation of Sam’s Song into Spanish. More news of that in future posts.


Invasion, Ann’s War Mystery Series book two, is now available as an audio book from iBooks, Audible and Amazon. In partnership with my narrator, Suzan Lynn Lorraine, this is my tenth audio book. More will follow, including Smoke and Mirrors, Sam Smith Mystery Series book nine; Blackmail, Ann’s War book three; and Saving Grace. The paperback copies of Invasion arrived from the printer this week and are now available from my Store.


Pictured, Helena Normanton. In the 1920s, Helena Normanton was one of the first women to practice law as a barrister in Britain. I’m working on an idea to create a mini-series about a female barrister set in the 1920s. I had in mind two support characters and while writing this a third character, her brother, has suggested himself.


The editing of Saving Grace is going well. For me, the editing process is about polishing the words. I storyboard everything before I write the story, therefore when I edit I never alter the plotline.


In the coming months I will be publishing an eMagazine, called Mystery. If you would like to follow progress and receive a free copy of the magazine please like my Facebook Page


In case you missed it, here is my second mini mystery for the Seaside News.


 More news next time. As ever, thanks for your interest and support.

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Sam at Number One!

This weekend, Sam Song reached #1 on, private detective chart, and #88 on the whole of Amazon. Many thanks to everyone for their support.


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2016 xxxx. A new year and a new book, Secrets and Lies, book six in the Sam Smith Mystery Series. Secrets and Lies is about an author, Barclay Quinton. Was he murdered or did he commit suicide? Barclay wrote Fabringjay, the story of a man leading a secret life during the Second World War, which was well received by the critics, but ignored by readers, and Illicit Lust, a book he hated and wrote purely to satisfy his agent and publisher. Illicit Lust became a bestseller, a fact that annoyed Barclay. However, its success did open doors and he set about researching his next book, the story of an ageing villain. Barclay’s research brought him into contact with many unsavoury types, including villains, shady private eyes and managers of strip clubs. My narrator, Sam, is hired to look into Barclay’s death. Meanwhile, Sam also discovers a secret, and the truth, about her long-term partner. Is he the man she thought he was? Is their relationship about to end? Secrets and Lies will be published on the 1.3.2016 and is available for pre-order now at the special price of £0.99/$0.99.

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The Hermit of Hisarya #1

The Hermit of Hisarya, Book Five in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, takes Sam away from her home city to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There, she uncovers a secret dating back to the Second World War. The secret has implications for the people of today and the trail leads to organised crime and murder. The book is currently available as an eBook with the print and audio book versions to follow in the new year.

Pictured is the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, a cultural landmark of the city and a popular attraction for tourists. Partially restored with 3,500 seats the theatre is also used for modern performances. Along with Hisarya, Plovdiv features strongly in The Hermit of Hisarya, including a chapter set in the Ancient Theatre.


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Happy Easter!

Chocolate 2

Wishing you a Happy Easter! I always find that Easter is an exciting time, due to the promise of spring. This Easter is even more exciting for me because Suzan Lynne Lorraine has agreed to narrate Sam’s Song for an audiobook production. Suzan has a wealth of experience as an actress with over thirty theatre productions, as a director with over fifty productions and as an instructor of live radio drama performances. I have heard an excerpt of Suzan’s work on Sam’s Song and it is amazing! The full recording will commence shortly and we plan to release the audiobook through Audible, Amazon and iTunes in early summer.