Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Diary

Sam’s Diary #21

2nd August 2008


The typing agency has found me a temporary appointment, three months at a television factory as a secretary. It’s nothing glamourous, but it will supply me with some much needed finances and give me time to think where I go from here. I’ve always been careful with my money, mainly out of necessity, and I do have some savings to call on. Financially, I should be okay for the next three months and if things go well then I’m thinking of taking a risk. I feel as though I need something in my life that will boost my self-esteem and self-image and that something is enquiry agent work. I might look for another opening with an agency or, deep breath, open an agency by myself. I’ve had tentative discussions with Angus about the idea and he indicated that he would be supportive, offer advice and push business opportunities my way. I think he’s still feeling guilty about why I left and is trying to make amends. Starting your own business is a big step and I will need advice from the enterprise sector about what it all entails. I have lined up some appointments with a view to obtaining advice and will see where I go from there. The idea of my own agency excites me, but do I have the business sense and experience to make it a success? The answer is ‘yes’ to the former and ‘no’ to the latter, so it will be a steep learning curve if I do go ahead. I have three months to think, gather information and plan. Then, hopefully with common sense overriding my emotions, I will make a decision on whether or not to go ahead.

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