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Family Honour Pre-Order

Available now at the special pre-order price of £0.99/$0.99, Family Honour, the latest Sam Smith Mystery, an intense psychological tale wrapped in a moral dilemma.


When the biggest villain in the country makes you an offer you can’t refuse, what should you do? In my case, I decided to accept that offer, made by Mr Vincent Vanzetti. Vanzetti hired me to find his missing daughter, Vittoria, while threatening reprisals should I fail in my task. While searching for Vittoria, I had to deal with the other members of the Vanzetti clan: Sherri, Vanzetti’s second wife, at twenty-two the same age as Vittoria. Sherri was an ‘actress’, a porn star with ambitions to appear on Reality TV; Catrin, Vanzetti’s granite-hard ex-wife, the power behind his criminal empire; and V.J. Parks, Vittoria’s boyfriend, a boxer, a young man in his prime, in training for a shot at the world title.

Meanwhile, closer to home, it was decision time for yours truly and my lover, Dr Alan Storey. Alan was keen on marriage while I was still coming to terms with my past and years of physical abuse. Could I find the courage to finally lay the ghosts of my past and pledge my future to Alan?

Family Honour, the story of a villain and his family, the story of a moral dilemma. Should I kill in the name of justice, or should I allow a villain to walk free? In answering that question I discovered a lot about myself and the person I longed to be.

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Books of the Month


The admins at A Reader Recommends have selected their books of the month, ten quality titles to entertain, delight and inform. Well worth checking out.

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A New Service For Readers

With millions of books on Amazon alone to choose from, where do you start? You could accept the titles that Amazon promotes – books published by ‘major publishers’, or through Amazon themselves. Or you could wade through the thousands of new books released each week. In terms of finding a good read, all of the above might not be that appealing. However, now there is a third way. Read on.


A group of authors known collectively as The Writers’ Cooperative have created A Reader Recommends as a Facebook page and website. The page came about from a general discussion between authors. With millions of books to choose from, where should readers go to make their selection? They thought it would be a nice idea to assist readers in the selection process by highlighting their favourite books and by showcasing books from talented up-and-coming authors.

The authors in  The Writers’ Cooperative nominate their favourite books and these books are allocated a place in the schedule. They also accept nominations from authors not associated with the Cooperative and they have a weekly slot for these books. Their aim is to present the reader with a wide variety of quality books, all genres, styles and subjects are considered. The one thing they have in common is the q-word, quality.

There are no restrictions for inclusion on A Reader Recommends, although spammers are frowned upon and their posts will be removed. Everyone else is welcome. The aim is to connect readers with authors, introduce readers to new and classic books, and enrich the reading experience for all who love books.

A Reader Recommends is an exciting new venture for writers and readers. Books posted on the Facebook page can reach over 1,000 readers. Some services charge hundreds of dollars for that sort of coverage, but A Reader Recommends is free. Click this link, like the Facebook page and discover a new author and a great book today.

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Ripper Pre-Order Offer

Book Four in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, published 4.9.2015 on Kindle, in print and with an audio book to follow. The Kindle version of the book is now available to pre-order at the special price of £0.99/$0.99 for this weekend only. Regular Kindle price £2.49/$3.99.


“I love breaking the rules.” – Cardiff Jack.

Someone was murdering prostitutes, placing their bodies in the Bay and covering them with roses. To the media, he was ‘Cardiff Jack’, to the rest of us he was a man to avoid and fear.

However, when hired to find Faye Collister, a prostitute, the trail led to Cardiff Jack, and I came face to face with a modern-day Ripper. Furthermore, along that trail I made a shocking discovery, a discovery that would resonate with me for the rest of my days.

Ripper – the story of a week in my life that reshaped my past, disturbed the present and brought the promise of an uncertain future.

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Cover Update

Here is the updated Kindle cover for Sam’s Song to tie-in with the forthcoming audio book release. Various retailers have different backgrounds, so while a cover might work in print it can get lost when placed on a retail website. And Amazon tend to use white for their main site and black for Kindle, which can add to the confusion! We have kept the image constant across all versions though because we feel it is a good representation of the book.