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Awards Week

The Sam Smith Mystery Series has been honoured with three awards recently, including this one, which includes a revealing insight into Sam’s character.


“Love a good detective story? Then you’ll want to dive into Hannah’s Sam Smith series. You’ll love enquiry agent Samantha Smith. She’s perfect in her imperfections. Abused as a child and even more so as a wife, Sam lacks confidence in herself, except when it comes to solving crimes. In that respect, she dives head first, or sometimes “foot-in-mouth” first into her work. You’ll love this spunky, petite woman, bent on improving the world and her own self. The books in the Sam Smith series have deeper meaning than pure entertainment. Be it prostitution, eugenics, drug abuse, insanity, or other social issues, the books delve into the human psyche.”

Hannah's Diary Sam Smith Mystery Series

Book Awards #2


Another award for Sam’s Song! And plenty of wonderful reading to be found here.