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Sylva Fae

I first met Sylva Fae around three years ago in a Facebook author group run by a mutual friend. We interacted in that group, on occasion, and became casual friends, as you tend to do in Facebook groups.

At that stage, I didn’t know much about Sylva or her books. However, as our Mom’s Favorite Reads project developed we interacted more often and I did get to know Sylva and her books. In a short space of time, she became a key member of our team producing beautiful graphics and supporting other authors in tireless fashion.

The first thing to say about Sylva is she is a beautiful person. And that cannot be said of everyone in the world these days. She also writes and produces beautiful children’s books. These books are amongst the finest on the market and I highly recommend them. Her books are a joy to read. Sylva’s books not only entertain and educate, but they are items that children will treasure and look back on with great affection.

Sylva also writes a lovely blog about life in her woodland. If you have an interest in nature and the outdoor life there is much to enjoy by visiting and following her blog.

Most writers write for the love of the story. Along the way they hope to establish a readership. And, if they are lucky, they connect with fellow authors like the talented Sylva Fae.

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She is also winning awards for her wonderful children’s stories. That is a difficult feat in a highly competitive market!

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As an adult, I quite enjoy Sylva’s books and have paperback copies of them just for myself. (Although I did get some to share with children, too.) 🙂

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As a massive supporter of the need for our children to read and read often, I can only heap endless praise on the wonderful people like Sylva who write for the children’s market.I am in awe of them and doff my metaphorical cap to her.

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I’m always ion awe of children’s authors and especially illustrators. That Sylva does both, makes her extra special.

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