Sam Smith Mystery Series Sam's Sunday Supplement

Sam’s Sunday Supplement #8

Welcome to Sam’s Sunday Supplement #8, a weekly digest of news from Sam’s world.

Another exciting week. This week Sam’s Song reached #2 on the private investigators chart and #11 on the Amazon Germany mystery chart. Many thanks to everyone who has read the book.
This week I completed the storyboard for Digging in the Dirt, Sam Smith Mystery #12. The archaeological dig that will feature in Digging in the Dirt takes place at two sites, Kenfig and Stormy Down. During the Second World War, Stormy Down was an airfield for allied airmen, including airmen from Poland and other countries in occupied Europe. One of the archaeologists, Jana, has Polish ancestors, so the dig is especially poignant for her. Pictured, a Miles Martinet, foreground, and Avro Anson, two of the aeroplanes based at R.A.F. Stormy Down.


I’m looking into the possibility of writing a number of mini series alongside the Sam Smith Mystery Series. These series will feature private detectives from different eras, from Victorian times and the Second World War, for example. Each series will include five individual stories, each containing a mystery, while the complete story arc will reveal the main character’s story. I hope to make these stories available FREE to subscribers of my newsletter. In the coming weeks I will be upgrading my newsletter through Author Reach and will post details here.


Recently, I came across this movie poster for Laura, one of my top ten films. As you can see from the poster, Laura is an elegant movie, which tells an original and absorbing story. Highly recommended.
As ever, thank you for your interest and support. More news next week.





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