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In Praise of Sam and Marlowe

Just received this five-star review on Amazon. Turning cartwheels of joy here 😃

Amazon Review

I enjoyed reading Sam’s Song very much. It was exactly what I needed now, a novel that is fun and chill, yet also sophisticated and action-driven. From the very beginning I knew I’d fall in love with the author’s work, as I adored the character and the mischievous game of words that she truly mastered. And of course the plot itself is enticing and refreshing in the genre of mystery and crime.

The story is as appealing as the writing style. Sam sets on a journey of discovering a stalker of a famous diva, Derwena de Caro, and with her wits and sense of humor, she charms everybody around her, but most importantly also us, the readers. What I liked most about the main plot was that at first it seemed like Sam’s gotten herself involved with a silly case when in fact it actually turns into something more serious later on. Also, her back-story is quite sad, tragic really, but overall the mood of the book is positive and frisky.

I loved Sam and even more so when I learned more about her past. She’s just such a strong female character who, despite everything that happened to her and besides her fear of romance, keeps an optimistic view on life.

I think the author did a brilliant job with this novel. I find her style and humour simply adorable. I really can’t say enough good things about the book and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I’m very impressed. And by the way – I also loved the cat character!


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