Sam Smith Mystery Series

Love and Bullets Audio Book

Released today on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, Love and Bullets, the second Sam Smith audio book. Please follow this Amazon link for full details Love and Bullets


Love and Bullets Reviews

I didn’t read the first in the series but there is a brief catch up in the first chapter that helps. I was really involved with the main character from the start, a strong but also vulnerable and deep, interesting character. While there is a great plot and a lot of action and suspense, for me the human tragedy of domestic violence was at the core of my reading experience. I felt the author did a great job at striking a balance between serious and entertainment, though. A very powerful read that I would highly recommend. Gripping and believable at the same time, very well written. – Bookworm

Let me begin by saying how much I love this series. Hannah Howe is a fabulous writer, bringing her characters to life in such a way the reader gets to know them and truly care about them. Love and Bullets, book 2 in the Sam Smith series, begins where Sam’s Song left off. Sam is dealing with the emotional fallout of her last case, which ended in bloodshed and death. As Sam deals with the ghosts of her past, she also walks a tightrope of attraction for Dr. Alan Storey, a psychologist who seems to be the perfect man. But Sam fears to get close to him: is Alan to good to be true? Should she sever the budding relationship before she gets hurt? As a reader, my heart ached for her and all the trauma she’d been through in her life. As Sam works a harrowing case involving eugenics, kidnapping, and murder, she draws closer to Alan and his daughter, learning to trust her heart. I can’t wait to read the next in the series! – Erin

In this Sam Smith novel, private detective Sam takes on a case to protect a woman who believes in eugenics, creating a superior race through genetics. Although the woman’s ideology repulses Sam, she does her best to do what she was hired to do.

The author does a wonderful job of tying the social issue of eugenics with Sam’s own feelings of inferiority about herself. Having been abused physically and mentally her entire life, Sam doubts her own self worth. She has to work through these issues to keep the love of a man who adores her.

Although not written specifically about Sam, a line in the book beautifully sums up the essence of the psychological aspect of the book. “She had cried the rain, but there was still plenty of sunshine in her life and that sunshine would produce a rainbow.” – Ronesa

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