Dear Reader

Dear Reader #183

Dear Reader,

Clara Bow’s twenty-second movie was Parisian Love, another cut-price B.P. Schulberg production filmed in early 1925 and released on August 1, 1925. Clara played Marie, an Apache. The plot of this romantic crime drama starts out well enough, but then becomes complex in the extreme. 

Clara was displaying talent, but the production company she was tied to lacked class. She needed a break. She also needed to sort out her love life, which was more complex than the plot of Parisian Love.

My 9 x great-grandmother Barbara Aubrey was born c1637 in Pencoed, Glamorgan. She married John Bevan in 1665 and from 1683 to 1704 she lived with her family in Pennsylvania. Barbara Aubrey is a ‘gateway’ ancestor, connecting my family with the noble houses of Europe.

Barbara’s parents, my 10 x great grandparents – William Aubrey c1610 – c1660 and Elizabeth Thomas.

William Aubrey’s parents, my 11 x great grandparents – William Aubrey c1573 – 1647 and Jane Mathew.

Jane Mathew’s parents, my 12 x great grandparents – Humphrey Mathew c1567 – c1651 and Mary Lewis.

Humphrey Mathew’s parents, my 13 x great grandparents – Miles Mathew b1538 and Catherine Mathew b1545.

Miles Mathew’s parents, my 14 x great grandparents – William Mathew 1516 – 1551 and Alice Ragland b1520.

Alice Ragland’s parents, my 15 x great grandparents – John Ragland 1505 – bef 1538 and Anne Dennis b1507.

Anne Dennis’ parents, my 16 x great grandparents – Sir William Dennis c1470 – 22 Jun 1533 and Anne Berkeley b1474. They had six sons and seven daughters.

The branches then lead to the noble houses of Europe, including my 20 x great grandmother Isabella of Castile, pictured.

I’m organising the Golden Age of Hollywood Mastodon Mega Movie Poll. Here are the results from Week One.

Voted for by the movie lovers of Mastodon.

The format: 32 movies seeded and selected by the American Film Institute receive a bye to Round Two.

Round One: 64 movies selected by Mastodon movie lovers, matched when possible by era and genre.

My latest article for the Seaside News, about Myrna Loy, appears on page 35 of the magazine.

To understand Clara Bow, you need to understand her formative years.

“Clara’s birth was not a source of joy to her mother and father. They lived in a tiny flat with two rooms. All her life, Clara has been trying to blot out memories of her early years. Her childhood was not particularly happy.” – Dora Albert, 1933.

As ever, thank you for your interest and support.

Hannah xxx

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