Dear Reader

Dear Reader #180

Dear Reader,

Some book news. Operation Zigzag, book one in my Eve’s War Heroines of SOE series, is currently number one on the Amazon genre charts.

Clara Bow’s nineteenth movie was Lawful Cheater aka The Lawful Cheaters, a silent crime drama. Clara played Molly Burns, a young woman jailed for “indiscreet behaviour”. Produced during the spring of 1925, the movie was released on July 17, 1925. 

The critics were not impressed with this offbeat crime drama, calling it “slight and trite” and “cheaply produced”. The “sole redeeming factor” was Clara Bow. At one point, Molly Burns appeared in male drag, which was “fun to watch”. However, The British Board of Film Censors did not have a sense of humour – they banned the film.

A transcribed page from my 9 x great grandfather John Bevan’s journal. He talks of his friend, William Penn, and the prospect of emigrating to Pennsylvania in 1683. John thought it would take some time for the settlement to establish itself. However, his wife Barbara Aubrey persuaded him because she thought it would be a good environment to bring up their children “amongst sober people”.

A transcribed page from my 9 x great grandfather John Bevan’s journal. He and his family have settled in Pennsylvania. Four of his children have married and had children of their own. However, in 1704, twenty-one years after settling in Pennsylvania, John had the urge to return to Wales. His wife, Barbara Aubrey, “could not be easy to stay behind me.” So, John, Barbara and their daughter Barbara returned to Wales.

In this entry from my 9 x great grandfather John Bevan’s journal he talks about his journey from Pennsylvania to his estate in Wales. The weather was stormy and pirates looted a number of vessels. He was going to transfer to a vessel bound for Bristol, but a storm prevented the transfer. Later, that vessel “was taken” so John, his wife and daughter had a lucky escape.


My 4 x great grandfather Daniel Hopkin died on 11 February 1864, in South Cornelly, Glamorgan. An agricultural labour, Daniel was baptised on 4 March 1781 in the Church of St Tydfil, Llysworney, Glamorgan. He married Annie Lewis on 10 May 1812 in St James’ Church, Pyle (pictured). The couple had four children, including my 3 x great grandmother Mary Hopkin. Daniel died three months after his wife Anne died. Maybe after fifty-one years of marriage her passing was too much for him to bear. 

Clara Bow Quotes: “At times, Hollywood had been like a godmother, giving me joy and happiness. At other times it had turned like a vicious old hag, threatening to claw me apart, body and soul.”

As ever, thank you for your interest and support.

Hannah xxx

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