Saving Grace

Saving Grace – The Prime Suspects

Victorian Charles 25

Easter 1876. Who poisoned wealthy banker, Charles Petrie?

Victorian Gully Spy

Prime Suspect #1, Dr James Collymore, a man familiar with poisons, a man harbouring a dark secret that, if exposed, would ruin his career. Did Dr Collymore poison Charles Petrie?

Victorian Mary Ann Keeber

Prime Suspect #2, Florrie Williams, an innocent-looking maid. However, Florrie supplied Charles with his final bedtime drink. Did Florrie Williams, pictured at the inquest, poison Charles Petrie?


Prime Suspect #3, Bert Kemp, a disgruntled groom, a man sacked by Charles and thrown out of his home, a man who used poisons in his work, a man who four months previously had predicted Charles’ dying day. Did Bert Kemp, pictured at the inquest, poison Charles Petrie?

Victorian Cox Inquest

Prime Suspect #4, Mrs Jennet Quinn, a lady’s companion with a deep knowledge of poisons and a deep fear of dismissal. Did Mrs Quinn, pictured at the inquest, poison Charles Petrie?

Victorian Florence 25

Prime Suspect #5, Grace Petrie, Charles’ wife of four months, a woman with a scandalous past, a woman suspected of poisoning her first husband, Captain Gustav Trelawney, a woman shunned by polite society. Did Grace poison Charles Petrie?


Based on a true story, Saving Grace, “the courtroom drama of the year.”

Saving Grace will be published as an eBook, paperback and audio book in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese with more languages to follow. The book will be backed by a major promotional campaign in America, Australia, Britain, Canada and Europe. Reserve your copy now for the special pre-order price of $0.99/£0.99/€0.99

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