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Light Love Rituals

Book Review – Light Love Rituals by Ronesa Aveela

This is a beautiful book in terms of content and presentation. Light Love Rituals is divided into seasons, which makes for easy reading and understanding. The depth of the authors’ research is outstanding, though this is no dry, academic treatise, instead it is a book that grabs and holds your attention on every page.

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Highlights of the book include the views of a fictional family, the Did You Know? text boxes and the beautiful illustrations. Also, there is a recipe section crammed with tasty dishes. I have tried some of these recipes and intend to try more!

Our lives are full of traditions and rituals – many of them pagan – and these traditions and rituals are so ingrained that we take them for granted. By reading about Bulgaria’s traditions you will not only learn more about a fascinating country and its culture but also open your eyes to the traditions that offer a rhythm to our modern lives.

Light Love Rituals is an enchanting book, a delight.

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