Sam Smith Mystery Series

Sam Smith Mystery Series Characters #2

Dr Alan Storey

Dr Alan Storey provides the relationship strand to the Sam Smith Mystery Series. Alan is a psychologist who practices Humanistic principles, that is a belief in the positive attributes of happiness, contentment, ecstasy, kindness, caring, sharing and generosity. In his early forties, Alan is a widower with a teenage daughter, Alis. As well as the romantic element, Alan also provides psychological insight, when required, to the various people Sam encounters. Although there is a ‘whodunit’ element to the series, the books focus more on people’s behaviours and reasons for their acts.


When Sam first meets Alan she is still raw and vulnerable after a difficult upbringing with her alcoholic mother and four years of violence with her abusive ex-husband. Therefore the early books in the series explore Sam’s attitudes to relationships as she tries to trust a man who she is wary of, but who is deeply in love with her.

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