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Sam Smith Omnibus

Published today, the eBook version of the first Sam Smith Omnibus. This book contains the first three novels in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, Sam’s Song, Love and Bullets, and The Big Chill. The book is available from Amazon at $4.49/£2.99. Please click the book cover below for further details.


2 replies on “Sam Smith Omnibus”

Just had to say something. I know it’s fiction and I get it BUT she doesn’t know what she’s doing with her pistol. I hope she’s a better detective than she is a weapon handler. NEVER, NEVER, EVER put your “weak”, in this cover photo her left, hand anywhere near the holster. Drawing and returning the pistol from or to the holster is done only with the “strong” hand. Placing the non gun hand on the holster will cause the muzzle to “blade” that non gun hand. a serious violation of gun handling safety rules. If she was on my range I would have stopped her and instructed her on the proper way to draw and return. Just sayin’. Hope your book is a success but change the cover..


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