Gene Tierney

Born on 19 November 1920 in Brooklyn to a wealthy insurance broker and a socialite mother, Gene Tierney enjoyed a privileged upbringing, which opened doors in Hollywood. A successful movie career followed. However, Gene’s story is real about how she fought depression and a debilitating mental illness.

Stressed through a failing marriage, a sick daughter and overwork, Gene fell ill. Later, she wrote about her illness with great insight. “As long as I was playing someone else, everything was fine. It was when I had to be myself that the problems began.” 

Gene entered a sanatorium where she received primitive treatment, followed by a spell in a clinic where the therapy was more enlightened. She wrote, “If you break an arm or a leg it takes months for it to really heal, and years for it to be the same again. So you can imagine the problems with a broken mind.” And, “More than anything, I learned that the mind is the most beautiful part of the body and I am grateful to have mine back.”

Must see Gene Tierney movie: Laura, regarded as one of the greatest mystery movies of all time.

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