Ava Gardner

Greatest role: Mogambo, 1953. Played Eloise “Honey Bear” Kelly. Nominated for an Academy Award, Best Actress.

Most meaningful relationship: Frank Sinatra – married 1951, divorced 1957. Earlier spouses: Mickey Rooney and Artie Shaw (one year each).

Little known fact: Between 1941 and 1944 Ava appeared in 20 movies, each role uncredited. In 1941 she was a “passerby” in Shadow of the Thin Man.

Tippi Hedren (1930 – )

Must-see movie: Marnie, a 1964 psychological thriller, also starring Sean Connery, based on a novel by Winston Graham (although the endings vary considerably).

The person: Tippi Hedren has a strong commitment to animal rescue, which began in 1969 while she was shooting two films in Africa. She has also set up relief programs worldwide following earthquakes, hurricanes, famine and war.

Quote: “I consider my acting, while not necessarily being method acting, but one that draws upon my own feelings. I thought Marnie was an extremely interesting role to play and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Jean Arthur (1900 – 1991)

Must-see movie: The Saturday Night Kid, 1929, not the greatest movie, but in it Jean Arthur outshone the brightest star of the era, Clara Bow, who was “generous and wonderful to me.”

The person: Jean Arthur’s first marriage, to photographer Julian Anker in 1928, was annulled after one day. She married producer Frank Ross Jr in 1932. They divorced in 1949. She had no children by either union. An animal lover, she shied away from publicly.

Quote: “I don’t think Hollywood is the place to be yourself. The individual ought to find herself before coming to Hollywood. On the stage I found myself to be in a different world. The individual counted. The director encouraged me and I learned how to be myself.”