Sam’s Diary August 2019

Hi, Sam here. Hannah said that I should write some posts, like a mini-diary, chronicling things that we don’t normally feature in our books.

I’m still working alongside Faye from our office houseboat moored on the River Taff near Cardiff Bay. Here’s a picture of the bay.

One of our cases this week involved a woman who hired us because she suspected her husband was having an affair. However, we discovered that he was working extra hours in the evening to raise funds for a surprise gift – a diamond eternity ring for their wedding anniversary. Isn’t love wonderful ❤️

That’s something I’ve learned in this job. Things are not always as they first appear 🙂

A holiday in Wales today, and I managed to take the day off. I joined the surfers on our local beach, enjoying the waves, sand and sunshine ☀️🙂

Hairdressers are a good source of information. People tend to chat about this, that and everything when they get their hair done. My hair, although long, tends to look after itself, so when a client hired us to investigate a hairdresser, a domestic case, I sent Faye along. She came back with neatly trimmed hair and a story that would make your toes curl.

Warning: Rude Faye joke.

A young woman was at the hairdressers chatting with her stylist. “My boyfriend has terrible dandruff,” she said. ”Can you suggest anything?”
The stylist replied, “Why don’t you give him Head and Shoulders.”
The young woman paused, placed a finger to her lower lip and thought for a minute. Then she said, “So how do you give shoulders…?”