Welsh Nobility

My 19 x great grandfather Sir Dafydd Llewellyn, aka Dafydd Gam. Dafydd died fighting in the Battle of Agincourt. Some accounts have him fighting alongside Henry V and saving his life. Other stories say he was knighted on the battlefield by Henry V as he lay dying. It is also likely that he was the real inspiration for Shakespeare’s Fluellen.

My home overlooks Margam Park and I just discovered that my 15 x great grandfather Sir Rice (Rhys) Mansell bought the park, and Margam Abbey, when Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in 1536. Sir Rice demolished the monastery and built Margam House, pictured. 

This line dates back to Philip Mansell, born 1040 in Normandy. Philip was cup bearer to William the Conqueror, a highly responsible position. Philip served William his wine and made sure it wasn’t poisoned.

View of Margam House, Glamorgan, Looking North, c.1700 Attributed to Thomas Smith (fl.1680s-1719)

Oil on canvas