Late Medieval Era

Meet my ancestors, my 15 x great grandfather, Sir Rhys ap Thomas (1449 – 1525), the chief Welsh supporter of Henry VII. Rhys’ army was the decisive factor at the Battle of Bosworth and some sources claim that he personally delivered the death blow to Richard III with his poleaxe.

It looks like the Battle of Bosworth was a family gathering. I’ve discovered another ancestor there, my 15 x great grandfather Nicholas Wilder, a military leader in the army of the Earl of Richmond. Nicholas supported the victor, Henry Tudor, crowned Henry VII.

From St Mary’s Church, Waddington, a stained-glass window featuring my direct ancestor, Sir Richard Tempest who died in August 1537 at the age of 57 in Fleet Prison, London. He was imprisoned for joining the Pilgrimage of Grace, a protest against Henry VIII’s break with the Roman Catholic Church. Sir Richard died before he could defend himself.