Georgian Era

A marriage bond from 1767 featuring my 7 x great grandparents Daniel Cottrell and Mary Troutbeck, licensed victualers in Newington, Surrey.

The bond, sworn by two witnesses, one of whom was usually the groom, pledged to forfeit a large sum of money, in this case £200, if there was any consanguinity between the parties or any pre-contract to another person. 

The need for a bond varied and was usually based on a couple requiring a quick marriage. Pregnancy was an obvious reason. However, it would appear that Daniel and Mary’ first daughter, Alice Joyce, was conceived on the honeymoon because she was born exactly nine months later.

My 6 x great grandfather, John Noulton a waterman on the Thames, discovered a body and attended a coroner’s inquest on 15 January 1787.

Informations of Witness taken upon Oath this 15th day of January 1787, at this Dwelling House of Mr. Lionel Gally known by the Sign of the Kings Arms in the Bowling Alley in the Parish of St. John the Evangelist, Westminster. Before Thomas Prickard, Gentleman His Majesty’s Coroner for the City and Liberty of Westminster, on View of the Body of Man, Name unknown, then and there lying Dead, as follows, to wit.

John Noulton of Fore Street, Lambeth, Waterman, on his OathSaith that Yesterday about Five o’Clock in the Afternoon, hewas at Westminster Bridge, and (with) Blazedale a Waterman who was [..] twing from moving his Boat when he had delivered his Fare told him that there was a Dead Man lying under the Timber that floats in the Water at [..] sser’s Timber Yard, Milbank and asked him if he would go to get the Deced out, Deponent went and found the Deceased under the Float of Timber, about two feet from where the water then was the Timber pressing on the Back part of his Body his Legs being out. Deponent fastened the Deceased to a line that holds the Timber that the tide might not take him away, and then went and acquainted the Beadle of the Parish with it, and in about half an Hour after he come again and assisted in putting the Deceased into a Shell – he appeared to be quite Dead.

The Mark of [mark] John Noulton